Travelling // Jesmond Dine and Tynemouth, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Today in Newcastle the weather was lovely! The sun was shining and the temperature reached 21 degrees…
…the perfect picnic day I figured out! So, I called my friends and within minutes we arranged to have a picnic at the nearest park, Jesmond Dine. It is a beautiful park located in a small forest at Newcastle. It has waterfalls, an area with animals and lots of trees to lay under them and enjoy nature. Aphrodite was my photographer and I was taken pictures of her…It was funny because I like spontaneous pictures so when all the others were walking I was standing behind them taking pictures…It was sunny but windy..really windy!

 Outfit details:
scarf-gift from George

At the end of the shore there is the firehouse! There is a roda leading to the firehouse and when sea tide occurs the road is full of water so can cannot go back to the shore.Either you swim or you stay in the island (most certain)..So we should hurry if we didnt want to stay there at night!

In the meantime boys bought some ice-cream for us..So sweet right?!Eventually we made it to the firehouse island!

Time to go back before the sea tide…

It was an incredible day, if you consider that I dont have my own car here, so travelling by car to the sea is like a rare opportunity to me!
Thank you boys!