Travelling // North Yorkshire

Whitby is a beautiful little village at North Yorkshire..

Honestly I love all of those guys….we shared so many great moments together…

 Traditional British fish and cheaps…but this one was too oily for me..I couldnt sleep all night long..:-(

 That was the view from our hostel every morning!

The second day we visited Botton Village, a village that applies Biodynamic agriculture and provides vocational job to people with special needs. It is the most sustainable village I have ever visited, those guys are doing a great job for the environment and the society. Well done guys!
That was our last field trip as a MSc team. I will miss all of them and each of them. We had great memories together and shared many hours trying to solve quntitative technique problems every Thursday or talking about farm manure every Friday on the farm..
I am sad because I have to move in 10 days to Cranfield and I am the first one to move from the whole team..but life goes on!
It tastes bitter sweet…Bitter because its over, namely no more time with those guys but at the same time its sweet because its over means no more stress!
Have a nice weekend,
x x x x 


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