Travelling // On a sunny day in Brighton

Travelling // On a sunny day in Brighton
It doesn’t hurt every now and then to make a gift to you, I whispered to myself before purchasing a ticket to Brighton. It’s such a pity to leave so close to that city but never been there before.
Brighton is one of the most vibrant British cities I’ve ever visited. Along the seafront there is the famous Brighton Pier and many fish and chips restaurants. The atmosphere is very lively, fun and free-spirited.
I spent the day scrolling around the beautiful Lanes (Brighton’s centre), which features narrow alleyways lined with shops that reminded me so much of a Greek island. If you are heading to Brighton I highly recommend visiting the Royal Ravilion. That beautiful building in the middle of the city is a piece of jewellery. Before leaving the city don’t forget to dip your feet in the seawater, it might be cold, but it is worth doing it.
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