Travelling // Stockholm photo diary #2

Summer in Stockholm

Summer in StockholmSummer in StockholmSummer in StockholmDSC_0202DSC_0201Summer in StockholmDSC_0199DSC_0198
This is the last photo installment from my Swedish trip. Before travelling to Sweden I had this false idea that it would be a cold country with people who are strict professionals, yet I was so wrong. Sweden is the country where:

  • I ate the most delicious home made bread.
  • The food is fresh and organic products are not as expensive as in the UK.
  • I saw the MOST stylish people…
  • ….men are dressed with the latest high street fashion collection…
  • and women have the tallest legs ever!
  • Bad hair days is NOT a thing.
  • People are funny, smiley people and are always willing to help and give directions.
  • Everything works by the books-so organised!
  • Nature is valued more than anything else.
  • Equality is happening in all forms and cases
  • …..
I could go on with this list for ages but I will stop here, until next time!




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  • Jenna McIntyre
    May 2, 2019

    I couldn’t agree more with your list! I LOVE Stockholm and every time I visit I love it that little bit more.

    They always seem to be going so fast yet living such a slow way of life. I love that there is always time for fika.. no matter what.

    Great post – so glad I have found your blog!


    • Anastasia
      May 13, 2019

      Thank you Jenna you are so kind! And yes, I totally agree with you Stockholm is such a gorgeous city!x