Travelling // Thessaloniki

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During my adventurous trip in Greece I visited Thessaloniki, the second capital of the country. It is one of my favourite cities and it would be unfair not to mention it here on the blog and do a special post about it.
In the past I was visiting the city quite frequently as I have family and friends there but nowadays I visit once in a while. It is a beautiful place where I gained so many memories to hold and remember.
This time I met my friend Aphrodite, who I hadnt seen for almost 2 years, since we were both studying in Newcastle. As a local girl, Aphrodite knew the best places to eat and drink, so I let her lead the way and we spent an amazing day together. On my way back home I bought some Trigona Panoramatos, a traditional treat made out of phyllo that is shaped into small triangles filled with custard cream; they taste as heavenly as they sound, trust me! I wish I could be back right now (or at least have some of these sweet pastry triangles with me).

Hope you had a lovely day!

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