Travelling // to Athens

Hi lovelies,
This is a quick post to let you know that I was finally awarded with my MSc award!
I travelled back to Newcastle, got some pictures of the X-mas shop decoration, been to the congregation, then back to the airport, got 2 flights and after 4 hours I got back to Athens, Greece.
And it feels like PARADISE.

The sun is shinning (see the difference in first and last pictures?), no clouds, no fog, 20 degrees of Celcium and even more..
Visiting the Acropolis,visiting the Acropolis museum, eating souvlaki, drinking Greek coffee, wearing t-shirt, no more sweaters or boots…Oh God I’m definitely in paradise..and life feels so good..

And for those who have never visited Greece…do it as soon as possible it is the land of light, so Hellas.



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