To the birthplace of Asclepius let’s go!

The beautiful city of Trikala is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Trikke, which was founded around the 3000 BC and took its name from the nymph Trikke. The city became an important center in the region of Thessaly and it was the birthplace and residence of the God of Medicine, Asclepius!

I’ve only been to Trikala a few times in my life, so far. Once when I was a kid with my parents on our way to Meteora, the famous monasteries built on rock formations that look as if they are hovering in the air (which is the actual meaning of the world ‘Meteora’ in Greek), once back in 2004 when I was a University student and once again for work when I was one of those Marlboro girls that come and chat to you when you casually drink your cocktail blissfully unaware that a girl will offer you a packet of cigarettes in an effort to convince you to start smoking – I know, I still cringe I did this job!

Trikala city

It is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad that the people of Trikala participated in the Trojan War with thirty ships under the guidance of Asclepius‘ sons, Machaon and Podalirius.

Since then, the city has been invaded by many tribes such as the Slavs, Bulgarians, Arabs and Italians all leaving their mark on the city’s landscape, culture and architecture.

Trikala may not be on the top of people’s bucket list, however, it is located just an hour away from Volos and so it is the perfect destination for a day trip.

We started the day with a coffee at Asclepiu street, the most famous street of the city lined with street cafes where you can have anything and everything from chocolate creps to icecream topped waffles and the more humble option of a cappuccino and frappe. We opted for coffees and a spot of people watching before heading for a walk down the riverside.

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Trikala city
Trikala city

If biking is your thing then Trikala is most certainly the place to be!

One of the most bike-friendly places in Greece with 3 cycling routes crossing the city (the nicest one runs alongside the Lithaios River), the riverside and city centre with its clean air, ducks and beautiful architecture will most certainly captivate your interest and make you want to visit again and again.

Of course you can’t visit Trikala and miss out on a stroll around the old city centre. After our river walk, we headed to the top of the city hill where the Tower Clock is located. Unfortunately, it was closed due to covid-19 restrictions but we did manage to stay for a while and enjoy the views from the top.

Once our stomachs started rumbling we opted for traditional Greek food at ‘Xani’ one of the best tavernas in the city. Here, you’ll taste the best homemade wine and meze.

Cheese saganaki and red wine
Chicken souvlaki
Greek salad
Walnut chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream.

Until next time Trikala, we will most certainly be back very soon!


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