Hello all, this is Sophia from Oh my Deer. As Anastasia is away I took over the blog and wrote a mini Volos city travel guide, including all my favourite places to visit in this beautiful city! So here is my Volos city travel guide! I hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you want to know more of these posts from Greece!

Creperie Poquito

Poquito. Spanish word that means small bit. A bit of goumet crepes, hidden in the narrow streets of Volos. A small place that reminds you of a French creperie. Lovely décor, red details, blue and purple lighting that makes you feel like you are at a disco party. The chef will drive you with its imagination and creativity in different and unique tastes. Fresh ingredients, local and exotic. A taste of French and contemporary kitchen. You can combine your savoury or sweet crepe with wine, beer, a variety of drinks and cocktails. If you go for a sweet crepe, you should definitely try the speculoos spread with white chocolate and biscuits. It’s a dreamy combination. Tell the chef your favorite ingredient and he will make for you a crepe that you have never tasted before. A small bit of something different!

Volos city travel guide

Kadraki Cafe

“Kadraki”: the little photo frame. 

A hidden café- bar down town Volos. Walking on Τopali street you can’t pass by a red bulding and a circle picture of Frank Sinatra calling you get inside. When you enter “Kadraki”, what do you expect to see? Of course, little frames and cameras. On the walls you will see hanging vintage cameras, frames of vintage Greek reading books and commercials, frames with inspirational quotes or icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin. Warm colours and bricks create a vintage and friendly atmosphere. The perfect place for coffee and chit-chat with your friends or for a drink at night. We love going to “Kadraki” at night, drinking beer, making plans for trips and photoshootings while listening to its wide range of music. Rock, Reggae, Soul, Funk and Jazz! An amazing small café- bar like a beautiful, vintage photo frame that travels you some decades back.

Elli’s Chocolaterie Viennoise

Elli’s. A lovely place down town Volos full of warmth and elegance.  Parisian atmosphere and chocolate flavor. The best place to drink your tea, hot chocolate or coffee with your friends while chatting. Warm drinks served in vintage, floral cups and teapots. We love sitting at the soft and comfortable sofa in front of the window and planning things  or working on new projects!  The atmosphere around you makes you feel like you are  in Paris at a cozy chocolaterie! You can smell orange and cinnamon coming out of the  coffee maker. Elegant lamps, clocks, books, magazines, little houses and characters like they came out of a comic that make you dream of your next illustration. Christmas lights and interesting paintings on the walls! The perfect place to enjoy your warm beverage or drink, to have fun with your loved ones or sit at a cozy corner and read your book! 

Petite Fleur (:the little flower), that’s what this café is. A little blossom down town Volos. Walking on Taki Economaki street you can’t pass by its beauty and uniqueness . The only thing you wanna do is to get in and sit at a table next to the window. Immediately you transform  into a Parisian young girl that sits at this beautiful spot and waits for her boyfriend while  she is drinking hot chocolate. The café smells like chocolate, cinnamon and orange. It makes you dream for hours and croon jazz songs. That beautiful smell of cake and flavored tea, the record player, the piano and those little vintage and details makes you feel like a girl of the fifties wearing its floral skirt and dancing lindy-hop. Parisian elegance and flavors.
Duke. A street bar that reminds you of an Irish pub. Wooden and green details, dart board, a bar with a great range of drinks. Small in size, cozy and friendly atmosphere. The barman is like he came from another decade. Vintage in style with a great taste in music, friendly, willing to help you choose the right drink. The little detail that makes the difference is a TV screen showing vintage commercials of drinks or old video clips. The best street bar in Volos for a drink at night with your loved ones.


I hope you enjoyed this Volos city travel guide post and please let me know your thoughts at the comments section!


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  • Amanda Bear
    September 24, 2018

    Thank you Sophia for sharing this. I never even knew about Volos let alone all these beautiful places!

    • Anastasia
      September 24, 2018

      Volos is a great city and I’d totally recommend it for a city break. So glad you liked Sophia’s guide 🙂