The Vuelio Blog Awards 2018!

Last Thursday, I found myself rushing through the security of the newly refurbished Aberdeen airport to catch my EasyJet flight to London. I was nervous that the flight would be rather bumpy, thanks to all the gust winds that we experienced the previous days, but after a meeting with the airport Marketing team (for reasons irrelevant to my fear of flying or my trip to London), I was anticipating to board on the plane and start drafting blog ideas for some future trips that we discussed. Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

As we took off, there were two feelings that could describe my situation: overwhelming excitement (for London, the awards, and what the future holds) and a mild sense of fear (because that acceleration once we take off, fills my bloodstream with a great dose of adrenaline…).

But, back to the Vuelio Blog Awards 2018…Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

A few months back, I was drinking mint tea while having Cruz sleeping on my feet (doubling as a hot water bottle) when an e-mail with the subject line ‘You are invited to The Vuelio Blog Awards 2018‘ landed in my folder. Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

I wasn’t nominated for any category, but with Natbee’s being in the Top 10 Scottish Blogs list created by Vuelio, I tend to receive the occasional e-mail from them. But never before had I received an invitation for an award ceremony! Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

Immediately, I started thinking what are the chances I could actually make it. I checked my calendar – lately I write everything in my desk calendar like my Mum does, apparently using paper and pencil is quicker than adding events and my deadlines on my (old) phone’s calendar! I cannot deny that lately I thought of throwing in the towel on this Blog. It is exhausting to keep up with all my social media, and most importantly Instagram – this growing organically thing is just not happening for me anymore, long gone are the days when my posts received 300+ likes – and to keep writing, interesting and engaging articles here. Sometimes, I find myself dealing with a writer’s block, not finding the inspiration to write anything more than one sentence. But then, there are the good days too, when exciting opportunities come along my way and I get to meet with my friends and do fun things altogether. And of course, one of these days was when the invitation e-mail came along my way. Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

So, I plodded along my way, booked my tickets and found a place to stay (here came in handy a Jury’s Inn voucher that I received sometime ago in exchange for an article that I wrote for them). I packed my bag, ate a slice of cake (because, why not!) and patiently waited for the time to come. Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

Friday night, I wore my mini black dress, pink heels and Chanel quilted bag and off the door I went.

The event was taking place at the Bloomsbury Big Top, next to Russell Square. Upon entering the venue, we were greeted with a glass of champagne and our coats were taken off us. The light was low and we were surrounded by an enchanting array of fairy lights spread throughout the tents. I can’t deny, I did feel like a princess!

There were loads and loads of bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, podcasters and PRs spread around the space, chatting to one another, drinking cocktails and taking selfies. I spotted a few familiar faces but soon enough we were asked to move to the dinning area and find our tables, so I didn’t have my chance to go and speak to them.

The dining area was beautifully decorated with flowers; crystal glasses and bottles of wine were on each table along with a guide of the nominees and sponsors, and dancers playing with fireballs were on stage.

Vuelio Blog Awards 2018 Vuelio Blog Awards 2018Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

The vegetarian menu was as follows-

STARTER: Goats cheese with beetroot on pastry

MAIN: Macaroni cheese with truffle 

DESSERT: Sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel sauce

I didn’t like the starter as I am not a big fan of goats cheese but the macaroni cheese and the pudding were more than satisfying!

Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

^^ shredded lamb with roasted vegetables and gravy for the rest ^^

For the majority of the time, I found myself looking around, trying to spot faces of bloggers that I have been following for years and then I saw Victoria from In the Frow, a fashion blogger that I deeply admire and I have been following since the very beginning of her career, and it took me all the courage of the world to get myself to stand up, approach her table and introduce myself. And boy am I glad I did it!

Vuelio Blog Awards 2018 Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

Victoria, and her fiance Alex, are the most down to Earth,, funny and businesslike duo of influencers I have ever met! To consider their success (and I say ‘they‘ because even though Victoria is the face of the brand, Alex is the brain and also the photographer behind the business), it was mind boggling how humble and full of common sense they are. They welcomed me to their table and once I sat down they made me feel at ease by asking me what is my blog about, for how long I blog, where I live etc. And just when I asked for a selfie and got my camera out, Victoria made me laugh by saying ‘whoo I like your camera, old school’…. Thank goodness she hasn’t seen my phone!!!

Just before I left she asked me about my job and once she realised I did a PhD she hugged me and told me about her PhD, but again, in the most humble way. I was truly speechless how such an intelligent and successful person, can be so reasonable at the same time. And as we were chatting away, it strike me why people like her so much, she’s her, natural and unpretentious!

I wished her ‘good luck’, congratulated her on her engagement once again and headed back to my table.

Vuelio Blog Awards 2018 Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

Meanwhile, in our table the wine was free-flowing and on stage the entertainment became more interesting with a half naked dancer balancing on ropes…

By the end of our meal, the nominations were announced once again and the presenter started calling the winners of each category. I was thrilled to see Carly Rowena winning under the Best Fitness Blog category, of course as she is pregnant at the moment she couldn’t make it and Victoria stepped on stage to get the award on behalf of her.Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

We saw the best beauty blogger, men’s fashion blogger, pet blogger and interior blogger, until it was time for the best woman’s fashion blogger to be announced…

…and it was Victoria! And soon after this, the best UK blog was announce and once again it was Victoria on the stage. Everyone stand up and applaud her, two awards in a row, who would have thought!!!

The rest of the night went down with more drinks by the bar, dancing and getting to meet more bloggers. By the end of the night my feet hurt so much I could barely walk from the one side to the other side of the venue, so I asked Steven to go grab some goodie bags and our coats before ordering a taxi to get us back home.

And just like that, the Vuelio Blog Awards 2018 came to an end and I found myself back in Aberdeen, chewing on the healthy bars of the goodie bag and dreaming of the next award ceremony that I might be invited.

Image by Splendo

And in case I haven’t said it today, thank you for supporting my blog.

Thank you for commenting and liking my Instagram posts.

Thank you for allowing me to make a living out of my hobby.

And thank you for being here all these years!



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  • Jeanne
    December 7, 2018

    Oh wow, this is absolutely amazing! Congratulations on being there and on the success of your blog!

    • Anastasia
      December 7, 2018

      Thank you so much Jeanne for your kind words, it was a wonderful evening and I am so glad we made it!x

  • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's
    December 7, 2018

    I second Jeanne’s congratulations! What an amazing night! Love your dress, and Victoria and Alex seem like such lovely and genuine people 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

    • Anastasia
      December 8, 2018

      They totally are, so glad you liked my post, thanks Audrey!x

  • Helen M
    December 15, 2018

    I love these kind of posts where you document the events you have attanded! This looks like a great one, so many famous bloggers gathered at one place!!!!

    • Anastasia
      December 16, 2018

      Thank you Helen, in a way it does take me back to blogging as it used to be and I love this style too. It feels less curated and more spontaneous, right?

  • Katerina
    December 15, 2018

    I saw on so many people’s Instagram about these awards, never heard of them before, congratulations on attending! Where you nominated for any awards by the way?

    • Anastasia
      December 16, 2018

      Thank you Katerina! No, I wasn’t nominated for any but I was so happy to be invited 🙂

  • Rebecca
    December 15, 2018

    I LOVE your dress. Also, I’d be curious to know the story behind your Chanel bag as this is the first time I’ve seen it here…

    • Anastasia
      December 16, 2018

      Thanks Rebecca. You are right this is the first time I feature her on the Blog -even though if you follow me on Instagram I have featured her a few times by now. It is a genuine Chanel bag and I could write a Blog post with her story if you like?

  • Tanja
    December 17, 2018

    O.M.G. your bag!!! How come I haven’t seen this before in your Insta.
    A classic, timeless bag which I love to bits. Where did you get it from?


    • Anastasia
      December 17, 2018

      Thank you Tanja, it’s a brilliant bag isn’t it?
      I promise to write a Blog post with all the story soon 🙂 xx