Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw Old Town
wearing: jacket-Barbour, jeans-Topshop, beanie-borrowed from Wendy, boots-c/o Sorel, top-Zara.

Keeping up with our #KUGAdventures with Wendy, here’s another installment of our road trip to Poland.  As it was really cold the day we visited the Old Town of Warsaw, we felt the only proper thing to do is wander around the pretty streets, take pictures of the colourful buildings and then head for hot chocolate to warm our hearts. And this is exactly how it happened (with the addition of some odd shopping).


Let me break it down: We woke up early as this would be our first day or road tripping from Warsaw to the north in the town of Augustow, Poland. Wendy and I agreed to meet for breakfast a bit earlier and talk through the trip. As my luggage was missing, I didn’t have any fresh clothes to wear, and so the Ford team kindly offered to compensate me for any shopping I would do, “as long as it is not designer bags” they said…


After breakfast Wendy drove our Ford Kuga SUV to the centre of Warsaw, thankful for our navigation system – did I mention that you could say ‘find me parking spaces nearby’ and it would instantly direct you to them? Considering that none of us speaks Polish, that navigation system was life saving…


We had a little wander around the old town, it was beautiful and it seemed to be the only place in Warsaw that hasn’t been destroyed by the WWII, however it was freezing cold which made our fingers turn into purple! I was so pleased to wear my waxed Beadnell Barbour jacket  (to avoid these spontaneous rain drops), Wendy’s newly bought beanie and my wonderfully warm Sorel boots. It seems I have developed a thing for beanies lately…


We then had hot chocolate, the thickest, creamiest and most delicious ever! The cafe (sadly I didn’t keep the name in my head) was a shabby chic place on one of the main streets of the old town and the girl who served us was the sweetest! We explained to her my situation with the lost luggage and asked her for suggestions on where to go shopping. She suggested one of the biggest Malls and so off we went for some much needed shopping. I got me a few knit sweaters, socks, underwear, make up and a lovely, thick knitted scarf from Zara. By the time we did all our shopping, I received a phonecall from the Ford team notifying me that my luggage, had made it to Poland! To say that I felt butterflies in my stomach is needless! Finally “a slice of home with me” I thought, anticipating to reach our next destination, have a shower and get dressed in my clothes 🙂


^ ^ I am telling you, this was the thickest chocolate I’ve ever had, and it costed me only £2!!!

Have you ever been to Warsaw old town?

Anastasia x

*pictures taken by myself and Wendy


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  1. February 27, 2017 / 1:11 pm

    Old Warsaw Town looks so colourful and pretty, I love your jacket.


  2. February 27, 2017 / 1:13 pm

    OMG this is such a pretty place to visit!
    I might need to visit soon

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