Style Lessons – wearing grey

If there’s one colour I tend to wear less than any other, that must be grey! Living in the granite city that is Aberdeen, (a.k.a the most grey city in the UK) and having a big, grey sofa, I feel is enough grey in my life so I walk away each time I, accidentally, lay my eyes on a grey top.

Looking ahead to 2020, there are a few things I wanted to incorporate in my life – not calling them Resolutions but frankly, that’s exactly what they are – and getting as much wear as possible from the neglected pieces of my wardrobe is one of them.

Grey is not one of the colours that you will see me wear often, but I do have a few grey garments in my wardrobe which makes me think that it’s best to embark on this ‘Style Lessons’ journey with these pieces first and before having a look into the rest of my clothes.

Taking Lily James as an inspiration, here’s how I familiarised myself with wearing grey.


Soft grey hues are definitely the way forward for me. Styling this cardigan was easy as I created a waistline with this leather belt (a charity shopping find acquired for £1 if you must know) and added a casual vibe with a pair of black Levi’s jeans.


For this outfit, I wore one of the least worn garments of my wardrobe.

This grey, off-the-shoulder jumper has been patiently waiting to receive some love for some time now but I keep missing out on it for no particular reason.

The easiness of wearing this kind of top lies on its unique shape, it allows you to throw on some silver jewellery and a pair of jeans and you are ready to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing it with a white shirt underneath and multiple necklace layers on top, but perhaps that’s an idea for next time.


Following the least worn garment of my wardrobe is the most worn one! Versatile and all year round seasonally appropriate, this pair of William Morris trousers (bought from the WM x H&M collection last autumn) has definitely had the most efficient cost per wear so far.

Here, I paired the trousers with a satin, pyjama-esque shirt that added a dash of colour to the outfit, and accentuated their high waist shape with a belt.


Keeping up with the William Morris trend, here I layered a Zara, mini dress in earthy tones with a grey faux fur vest and a belt. With a pair of grey opaque tights and Mary Jane shoes, this would make a dream office outfit!

Speaking of which, next on the ‘Style Lessons’ Series will be the how to get dressed for the Office – a subject many have messaged me about on Instagram since I started my new job.

Keep an eye for it and until then, have a great day!



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