Weekend // April Life

April was a lovely month, full of intense moments and travelling. 
During this month I met fellow blogger Christy from Another weekend without make up and had a lovely chat at Contour Cafe one of my favourite places to spent a quite Saturday morning in Aberdeen. 
April was also the month that my dearest friend Vasileia decided to turn her photography hobby into a part time job and we had a couple of photoshootings in different locations around the city that was much fun. I am so lucky to finally have my own personal photographer that is willing to help me with this blog 🙂
During this month I travelled in the countryside…
…partied a lot with Anthony and the rest of the gang..
…had a couple of lazy weekends…
….until the time I flew back home for Easter..
…and it was a bliss! I finally got reunited with my beloved sister
..ate far too many delicious food…
..and desserts (mostly frozen yogurts and ice-creams)..
…and spent every single day by the beach. 

There is still so much I have done… intense work outs with my sister, salsa classes, midnight parties, day trips to the nearest cities, new French friendships…but sometimes it is better to live the moment rather than instagram it, don’t you think?

How quickly time flies I do not seem to understand. It is already May and I am so glad summer is getting closer! Cheers to another marvellous month and to new strange adventures!



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