Weekend // Bits of my weekend

Hola lovers,
This weekend was very interesting and relaxing. I got the chance to visit the Thames Riverside, go for shopping and a bit of sightseeing around the city centre. Also I had the chance to do more headbands.
Lately I seem to be more interested on flower crowns, like those that Lana Del Rey is wearing often in her public appearances and videoclips.
I got in that mood and created headbands that look more like flower crowns, as seen in the picture or here. I like wearing colourful flower crowns, it takes me away from reality and gets me into a magical fairy tale world.
To celebrate that new obsession of flower-y headbands and crowns, I have a 10% sale until the end of May on my shop. All you have to do is use the code Natbeesmothersday at the checkout.
Hurry up ladies!



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