Weekend // Breakfast in the garden

Breakfast in the garden

yogurt and berries for breakfast
As I have promised here are a few more snaps from my weekend. Today we woke up early and run to the garden for some breakfast. Saying that, me and Steven are trying to keep it as healthy as we can by adding many fruits and seeds (hello chia seed puddings) to our mornings feasts.

healthy breakfast options UK lifestyle blogger Natbeesfashion
In less than two month’s we are travelling back home and I cannot wait to fit in my bikini, after months of unhealthy lunches on the go. One thing to keep me motivated to eat more healthy is colour, the more colourful is my food the more likely it is that I will leave the table satisfied. It definitely has to do with my psychology and the fact that I am thinking I am not limiting myself.

coconut and berries breakfast

^using coconut as bowls is my new favourite thing!

Today’s menu was Greek yogurt, raspberries, grapes, coconut and cranberry juice. All tasty and super duper healthy full of antioxidants, vitamins and calcium to keep us rolling for the rest of the day 🙂 I also added two small slices of bread that had honey and peanut butter spread on top. Mouth-watering!

outfit of the day by Natbeesfashion UK fashion blogger
outfit: Hollister white jeans, Lee Cooper tartan shirt, Primark shoes

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UK Fashion blogger Natbeesfashion
Right now we are about to leave the house and go climbing at Mither Tap, Bennachie mountain, so I’d better go and change clothes.

Have a great Sunday you all!


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