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Natbeesfashion UK lifestyle blogger in Scotland
Oh, this weekend! Spent with my love, travelling, relaxing in the countryside and eating chocolate bunnies and galaktoboureko, my world was complete.

Today I wear more layers than I should given that it is April and we drove to Ballater, a small village west of Aberdeen. Recently I have been putting too much pressure on myself to get things done of my to-do list, so driving in the countryside and exploring new places is the perfect antidote for me.
Natbeesfashion UK lifestyle blogger in Edinburgh
UK lifestyle blogger in Scotland Natbeesfashion
Waterfalls in Scotland
On our way, Steven spotted a waterfall and insisted we should go and have a look. It wasn’t the easiest pathway to follow but I am glad we did because it was very beautiful down there. Of course Steven had to jump around like a grasshoper while holding my camera to capture the best angle of the waterfall. I am still amazed by how long he can jump without falling INSIDE the river! I certainly didn’t dare to follow his jumping pattern and stayed safely on the other side.
Ballater, Scotland
Arriving in Ballater and we were welcomed by the beautiful small houses that are mainly made by bricks and light blue doors and windows.
Ballater day trip, UK lifestyle blogger
Sunday brunch UK lifestyle blogger natbeesfashion
We wandered around the village for a bit before feeling hungry and ending up at a nice restaurant for some carrot & ginger soup with toasties aside.
River Dee, Scotland
UK lifestyle blogger in Scotland
Full of energy and determined to explore every little corner of the village before the sunset, we headed to the bridge of river Dee and enjoyed the sound of the water.
drinking tea Natbees UK lifestyle blogger
galaktoboureko recipe Natbeesfashion UK lifestyle blogger
Right now we are back home and I am enjoying a piece of galaktoboureko that I made yesterday while drinking some herbal tea to warm me up. I am also enjoying the fact that I am sitting on this recliner chair by the fireplace. Life has been really good this weekend!

How did you spend your Easter?



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