Weekend in Edinburgh

Weekend in Edinburgh

Long time ago I concluded that one of the secrets to happy life is weekend escapism; visiting somewhere away with good friends and creating new memories. With this in mind we spent our weekend to Edinburgh doing the most of our time there…

We arrived on Friday night and rushed to Southpour, a cosy corner in the heart of Newington (and very conveniently 2′ away our flat) for some cocktails. I’ve fallen for the Baked Alaska White Russian cocktail that was a mix of Smirnoff red, baileys, milk, double cream and topped with toasted marshmallows-fluffy clouds of heaven- while Steven went for the Honey Margarita.

Next day we woke up early and eager to have bougatsa for breakfast; in case you’ve never heard me talking about it before, it’s a sweet custard phyllo pie-words are not enough to explain how tasty it is! We drove to Richmond Cafe, despite the fact that it is half mile away our flat- lazy weekenders at its best, nailed it!

Massage at home Edinburgh

The highlight of my day was what followed later on, a deep tissue massage by Rafal courtesy of Urban Massage and all that in my living room! Urban Massage services is something I wanted to try for a while, the special thing is that they provide at home services-professionally qualified therapists visit you with the table and special oils and all you have to do is relax and enjoy. Urban Massage Edinburgh, Urban Massage review

Massage at home Edinburgh

I booked myself for an Urban Massage deep tissue since I wanted the therapist to treat my sports injuries and I couldn’t have picked a better person than Rafal; he is working towards his degree in physiotherapy so with loads of knowledge about muscles he literally managed to untie my back knots within an hour and all that at the ease of my own space! Urban Massage Edinburgh, Urban Massage review

With happy body and spirit I met the lovely Laura Kate from Blondilox, an inspiring young lady who has a superb idea, if you live in Edinburgh pop in Anthropologie at the 30th of April to find out more…be prepared for some seriously yummy snacks hint hint*

Press Coffee, 30 Buccleuch Street

The rest of the day was spent in and out the shops until we went back to Richmond Cafe for a delicious dinner, in all seriousness the octopus faba is unmissable. You really have to try it! Urban Massage Edinburgh, Urban Massage review

With so much food, we went for a long walk around the city (hoping to digest it all before bed) and ended up at the castle-what a view! More about my weekend tomorrow…

Anastasia Urban Massage Edinburgh, Urban Massage review


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