Weekend // Life

I wish every weekend was like this one! It started with a late night dinner with my flatmates on Friday. The girls cooked delicious treats based on fresh vegetables and all the dishes turned out to be amazing!!!

On Saturday I had to correct some student scripts so pretty much spent all the morning correcting but then at lunch time we all headed to the pub to watch the rugby game and ended up going on a pub hoping adventure until after midnight. We all got very much drunk and somehow found our way back home (this still remains a mystery)..

Sunday morning was the best! Rob texted me if I would like to go to the beach and popped out of my bed within seconds. It was such a lovely, sunny, warm day I couldnt bear to think of staying indoors….and to finish this lovely day Fran and I went salsa dancing at night…the perfect end to a glorious weekend!


P.S: Stay tuned for a lovely fashion post tomorrow…


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