New blog header almost done! // Photo credits to Sophia from Oh My Deer
Another great weekend has passed and I am grateful as it has been way better than the last one.
Friday night we visited a sushi restaurant but I did not dare to take pictures as I thought the people around me would think I was crazy, nevertheless it was much fun trying to eat with the sticks and I very much enjoyed it 🙂 
On Saturday I got to visit the beach of Aberdeen for the first time and had lovely time while doing a photoshooting with Vasileia. Of course we ended up drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows in extra large mugs, as it was a freezing cold day. I also got the chance to wear my new bowler hat and to meet with the rest of the girls for another hot beverage-mocha this time!
Sunday was peaceful and I spent it shopping and visiting Starbucks once again. 
As for the last picture….eager as I was to show you my new header, (almost done by Sophia from Oh My Deer), I posted this lovely painting of her while trying some colours-teaser, aren’t I?
How was your weekend guys?


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