Weekend // Life Lately

2. Sister love // Sisters who take pictures together will stay happy forever
3. Seafood and ouzo // Last seafood meal of 2013 in front of Volos port
4. I have never realised how long my hair is until my sister straighten it for me at New Year’s Eve
5. Precious moments // Taking a spontaneous picture of the seafront only to realise moments later that the couple far away in the background hugging each other are my parents!
 6. Happy girl // Wearing my new handmade beanie made by my mother in the colour I specifically requested her to find.
7. You know there is not only one Big Ben in this world (or is it?) // Visiting my home town in Western Macedonia, Greece is always a good excuse for a photo-shooting.

So here are a few shots of my life lately. I’ve been back home for Christmas and New Year’s and had the best time ever! I ate way too much delicious food, visited the beach almost everyday, enjoyed my morning coffee with my sister at the seafront, danced salsa and Masala Bhangra and last but not the least paid a visit to my hometown to see the rest of my family and friends. If you don’t follow me on Instagram find me as (@natbeesfashion) or follow me here, for more personal style outfits and life adventures. Happy Monday!



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