Weekend // Life lately according my Instagram

 Visiting London, Oxford and Cambridge as part of a long weekend
 Eating loads of delicious food
 Designing new blog cards while mum was crocheting new iPad and MacBook sleeves for our Etsy shop
 Missing my sister and the gorgeous scenic seaside villages from back home
 Visiting the Durham Cathedral for the first time and eating plenty of tapas with some great company
 Wearing my pink coat and decorating the house with flowers and new frames
 Visiting the beautiful Glasgow University buildings and wearing some new accessories
 Being gifted an HP tablet and trying unsuccessfully to wear fake lashes courtesy of False Eyelashes 
 Admiring the gorgeous Edinburgh buildings and eating lots of delicious Greek food
Having finally everything organised, thanks to my new planner from Filofax, I got the time to start a new hobby!

One of the best things about blogging is that I appreciate the little things in life more. For me this blog is like a not so private diary that my family can see and catch up with my news, while living far away from them. It is also a good way to organise my closet, but that’s another story.
One day I am hoping my kids will look through all my posts and know how I used to live, where I travelled and how I experienced life while being young and carefree. So today I am thankful for instagram posts like this one, and I am thinking of having them more regularly, like every Friday maybe. Enjoy!


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