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Life lately has been hectic with loads of weekly assignments, teaching and field visits. I hadn’t realised what a bad blogger I had turned into, until my sister texted me one day and said “it’s been a week and you haven’t updated the blog, is anything wrong with you?”

Yes, there is a turning point for all of us one day and that was mine!

Anyhow, this past weekend I traveled to Glasgow to get some of my stuff from George’s place (believe it or not I still have a full walking closet at his house), and also to visit some of the places I love in this big city.

Friday was a lovely sunny day. As per usual I woke up late and booked my last minute tickets for Glasgow, while strategically avoided going to the office (I am thankful everyday for my amazing boss). The sky was blue but by the time I arrived in Glasgow it had turned into a chocolate black colour and it wasnt even six in the afternoon! We decided to go watch a movie in the cinema and the American hustle was the best choice we could have ever done! Great costumes and scenario along with soundtracks, it was the perfect ending to my Friday night.

Saturday I woke up early in the morning to pack my stuff; a task that took me more than three hours and still did not manage to get all of my clothes and shoes back home with me (a great excuse for a second visit sometime soon). Visiting Glasgow means two things (among others) Tribeca and Forever 21! Tribeca cafe is the best place to enjoy your breakfast and I had the classic French toast with nutella and banana that makes my mouth watering by looking at this picture! The Forever 21 store in Glasgow is a huge place that every fashionista must visit, so how could I not take a look and by some stuff that are missing from my bursting with clothes wardrobe…
…exhausted as I was I ended up in the bath, while listening to Chet Baker’s fabulous music, under the light of a vanilla&coconut Shearer candle. 

Sunday passed by very quickly and the only thing I managed to do is a bit of shopping at H&M (I am in need of some sports gear-ahem) and to eat at one of my favourite Greek restaurants, Elia. Content and happy, with a heavy luggage I got my way back home and while I am writing this I have to admit that my clothes are still in my luggage, as I cant seem to find more space in my wardrobe.

I am working on it folks, I am working on it…



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