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Natbee's Fashion weekend in Edinburgh
Played the tourists and spent our evening in the National Museum of Scotland, before
visiting The Elephant House cafe where J.K.Rowling was inspired to write Harry Potter.

Arthurs Seat
Climbed Arthur’s Seat and blogged about it here, in case you’ve missed it.
romantic dinner
Steven treated me to a romantic dinner with loads of chocolate, cheese, grapes and wine. He really melted my heart, no one has ever done such thing for me in the past. He is a keeper!
Colinton village, edinburgh
Had a late brunch at Kilimanjaro Coffee, a relaxed place just 5′ away from Steven’s house and then drove to Colinton, an area in the suburbs of Edinburgh. We walked along The Water of Leith and enjoyed for once again being close to nature. 
UK fashion blogger travelling

As I am writing this I am back in Aberdeen, getting steadily and slowly into a working mode. Can’t wait to be back in Edinburgh though, I had so much fun I wish I could work down there one day.
A girl can dream!



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