Weekend // May Life

 I am not going to lie, May has been a crazy busy month! 
I came back from my Easter holidays and got directly into a working mode. As strange as it may sound I missed this place, I am growing roots as a tree and loving it everyday more and more. 
Of course experiencing the sunshine every single day has helped a lot my acclimatization back to the North and made my life even more enjoyable 🙂 
 I started the month with new resolutions such as eating more healthy breakfasts and walking in the beautiful surroundings like Seaton park and the Botanical Gardens every evening.
 I made the most of my weekends (even though I have not blogged about them) and spent a significant amount of time with my friends, drinking enormous amounts of hot chocolate and trying Vasileia’s new lenses while doing multiple photoshootings around the city centre.
In May Aberdeen was filled with colours, pink blossoms, blue skies and purple flowers. 
I tried to wake up a bit earlier every morning (it wasn’t that difficult after all-white nights don’t let me sleep at nights and wake up around 6.00 am) and took some time to admire all these trees and flowers on my way to the office every day. It’s really good sometimes to step back, not rush and enjoy the moment, isnt it?
 Unfortunately I did not have the time to post many personal style posts, as both me and Vasileia (who in case you haven’t noticed is my official photographer for the past months) have been very busy. Nevertheless I tried to focus on more qualitative posts and I think this is the way I am going to do it from now and on.
 This month me and Stoyka spent many hours together. She is an amazing person and I am so happy to have her in my life 🙂 When we are together we mostly go shopping around Union Square (and/or Union Street) and have the Saturday tradition of eating frozen yogurt that we both love! We also started running together and this was the perfect excuse for me to go shopping and buy some much needed sports gear!
 Talking about friendships, one day during an amazing BBQ party in the Botanical gardens, Anthony made a daisy headband for me. His gesture moved me so much I was almost ready to cry! No one has ever made something so sweet for me, such a precious moment! Thanks Anthony 🙂

 Middle of the month and it was Vasileia’s birthday! Her awesome boyfriend Grant organised a surprise party for her and arranged everything from booking a table at the best restaurant in the city, to buying her this so into the theme birthday cake! You should have seen everyone’s face when the cake arrived, we were all so surprised by Grant’s idea. Oh, and in case you have been wondering the taste was equally amazing 🙂

I haven’t visited London for a long time but everytime I walk past this colourful houses corner in Old Aberdeen I get pictures of Portobello Road in my head. On the same note, Old Aberdeen has so many beautiful buildings that I can’t stop taking pictures of, such as this twin towers entrance in the University place. In a unique way, it reminds me of Rapunzel’s story! Am I right, or am I right?
This month was intense but it was heaven!
Lets hope the weather will be as sunny and warm for the rest of the summer.


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