Weekend as told by my camera

Weekend as told by my camera

The ingredients of last weekend’s outing were as follows::

frappe + croissants + sunshine + sea breeze + parents visiting + seafood + dancing by the sea + meeting good old friends + planning my trip to Athens. Pretty good ingredients, right?

Let me break it down to you…

kartel pink tweed watch

Mum and I popped into the city centre on Saturday morning to do some shopping, before joining dad for a walk down the seafront. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we started walking along Volos port until we reached the end of it wηere there are no more cafeterias but a golden sand beach with palm trees and bougainvillea flowers in all sort of colours; pink, hot pink, purple, red and fuschia, I fell in love with them instantly! We got loads of images in front of the bougainvillea wall and made mum pose with her shiny new Isla Kartel watch in Flora Shetland Tweed for me. I got it for Mother’s Day for her and she loved it <3

We then walked into one of the most unique churches I have ever visited, the church of Virgin Mary located at the bottom of the hill of Goritsa by the sea. This Church was built in a cave and upon entering it you can see the running water from an underground source, it is truly magnificent! If you are ever in Volos I most definitely reccomend you pay a visit!

On Sunday my parents left and so me and my sister spent the day studying and packing for my trip to Athens tomorrow (so excited about it!!!). We then went at the University where my sister and her classmates took place to The Nelken Line dance by Pina Bausch! It was quite spectacular being there to see her performance and I wish my stupid camera could take some pictures to document it. Speaking of which, does any of you have the Olympus EPl7? I had mine for 2 years and it is FULL of problems. One time the camera couldn’t balance the light intensity (both on manual and auto shooting mode) and another time the standard lens did not open and the screen kept displaying the ‘check you lens status’ message all the time! Yesterday it was one of these days that my camera decided not to work again unfortunately I did not have any appropriate means on my hands to shoot my sister and her friends dancing.

Tomorrow I depart for a 3-days trip to Athens, so here’s to hoping that the camera will function properly and I will update you all about my Athenian adventures here and on my social media.


Happy Sunday~


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  1. May 20, 2018 / 3:06 pm

    What a wonderful experience! Your pictures are always so beautiful.

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