Weekend wear // Styling my hangover

House of Fraser shopping
House of Fraser shopping
House of Fraser shopping
I woke up today with a hangover from last night’s drinks, feeling sloppy and a bit dizzy. Nothing could stop me from doing my Christmas shopping, though!
Darling you just need a bit of help to hide the hangover, the latest Style….my hangover video came in my mind, as I looked myself in the mirror….

…and so I did, I styled my hangover by wearing my new jumper that instantly lift my mood! I got out in the streets of Aberdeen with much anticipation to visit House of Fraser and pick up my online order that I placed while browsing through the store on Wednesday night.  Suffice it to say I always end up buying more than I was initially planning to get, but with up to 40% off my favourite brands, I simply couldn’t resist the temptation.

Now, don’t ask me to show you what I bought as this would ruin the Christmas surprise for my beloved ones, but have a little patience and the Christmas shopping posts will keep coming.

Have you done all of your Christmas shopping yet?



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