Weekend // What I’ve been up to

From left to right clockwise:
I travelled back home and I was grateful that my friends were happy to give me a three hour driving lift!
Wore my sneackers and headed to the sea front. A healthy smoothie drink was much needed.
Baked a disasterous chocolate pie, as it wasnt supposed to rise (still cant figure out what was wrong).
Made a new friend. And he was the cutest ever!
Ate a mountain of double oreo chocolate strawberry ice cream.
Won my friend in backgammon (and then lost twice).
Ate another tons of chocolate vanilla ice cream.
Visited the most picturesque, fishing village.
Finally did a new outfit video (cant wait to share it with you ladies).

On a completely different note, plese dont forget to nominate me as the Best Personal Style Blogger at the Company style blog awards. I know I’ve been talking about it a lot lately but it means the world to me!


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