Weekends // In the great outdoors

 As a virgo, I am not a big fan of outdoor adventures-or so I though until I met Steven, THE KING of sports. Yesterday we visited his parents house where my bike had been hanging for ages and he asked me if I would like to go on a 7 mile cycling hoop, until the dinner would be ready.

I agreed and we jumped on the bucolic, green streets.
It was a fun-day Sunday so clearly no make up was involved…
We went through some hills and bridges and at some point I was worried because Steven thought he was the superman!
Thankfully he didn’t attempt to fly so no harm. 
By the time I was getting warmed up and was thinking that wearing the wind-breaker jacket wasn’t a great idea we reached the end…
…and guess who was waiting for us on the doorstep…
the deafest cat of them all, Zara!
How was your Sunday?


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