What my workdays look like

what my workdays look like

It’s been a month since I started working at RGU and seeing as I’m in a good rhythm with work right now, I thought of sharing my experience and how things are so far. Whenever I see posts as such from fellow bloggers who work full time, I’m always interested to see what their workday looks like as I try to balance life /working /blogging, and some of these posts have the most inspiring stories and daily tips to share.

My day to day tasks vary but the general routine I’m in is the same. I find it nice to see what works for others and see if I can incorporate any of their tips to my routine, so I am hoping this might be a post that could be a bit of helpful to you too.

what my workday looks like

7-8 am

I wake up naturally at around 6.30 am which is surprising considering I love sleeping. Waking up is easier when I let the bedroom door open and I have Cruzy jumping over me and giving me morning kisses. It’s his very special way of saying ‘Mum, get up and let’s go for a walk!’. Waking up is also easier when the sky is blue and it’s bright rather than dark and grey. My morning goes by in a rush, I have a glass of water, wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed and I am out of the door by 7.30 am. I gave up having breakfast as I am not hungry in the morning and it saves me the time to prepare and eat the food. Instead, I run to catch up bus No. 1 (or 2) from the top of Holburn street and I am in the office by 07.50 am. I was given the option to work either 8-4 pm or 9-5 pm and I chose the former as it allows me to go back home at a decent time to walk Cruz.

what my workdays look like

8-11 am

Typically the first thing I will do once in the office is brew a cup of peppermint tea and go through my e-mails. I like to be on top of things so I always make a point of going through my inbox as early as possible and write a list of the important things of the day while checking the things I haven’t ticked off yesterday’s list. I also update my calendar for any upcoming meetings, that I accepted the last minute or workshops I need to attend. I have two calendars – one in Outlook and a small diary where I write things when I am on the go. My Outlook calendar is for work meetings only but my diary is for personal appointments and blog commitments. Each time I accept a blog collaboration I double-check my Outlook calendar and personal diary before I go ahead and sign the contract. My boyfriend makes fun of me carrying my ‘wee diary’ anywhere we go but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Here are a few things that help me be organised:

  • Make two lists: one with your daily tasks and another one with your weekly tasks. Try to tick off all the tasks from your daily list and if not, highlight it with a colourful pen and have it as a priority task for the next day.
  • Always respond to e-mail enquiries as soon as you read them.
  • Don’t be shy and ask for help. I am guilty of this as I try to disrupt others the least possible but with time I have come to realise that it’s better to double-check with others than do something that you might not be quite sure.
what my workdays look like

11-12 pm

This is the time I usually have a meeting with my Line Manager or any other colleague from our team. Depending on what is the topic of discussion is, this could be anything from a half an hour catching up to an hour presentation. I much prefer to have my meetings early in the day (and before my lunch break) as it gives me the time to act based on what we discussed at the meeting. I am also more alert than after lunch break where my body, naturally, falls into a sluggish mode.

12-1 pm

This is the time I reserve for the minuscule tasks of the day that I combine with my lunch break, like responding to my blog e-mails or taking pictures of the campus. I also edit the images and plan my Instagram content around that time. My lunch breaks last for half an hour and I love the fact that the RGU campus is placed next to River Dee as it gives me the chance to escape the office and get some fresh air whilst walking down by the water. On a sunny day, it’s a dream and I feel so privileged to be able to spend my lunch breaks in nature!

1-4 pm

After I’ve had my lunch break, I tend to check my e-mails, respond to any new enquiries and try to tick off everything that’s on my list of the day. The evenings go by fast as I am fully awakened and I work much faster than in the morning. At 3.55 pm exactly I leave the office and run to catch the 4 pm bus, praying inside me that Cruzy hasn’t had any accident in the house….

4- 6 pm

This is the most difficult time of the day as I have to pack in as much as possible. The bus drops me on Holburn street at around 4.20 pm then I rush home, get Cruzy and go for a walk around the neighbourhood before returning back home and start working on Natbee’s. This includes anything from producing content for a new collaboration to styling items, taking and editing images, writing blog posts and responding to all the emails in the Natbee’s e-mail inbox. This is the time I also respond to Instagram messages and post on my social media.

6-8 pm

After I have completed all the Blog related responsibilities I try to go to the gym even if it is for half an hour. If I am being honest, finding the motivation to go to the gym right now is tough as there are so many things to do I feel selfish if I take this time for myself. But the older I get, the more I appreciate the value the gym adds to my life and health and so I make a conscious effort to be there at least 3 times per week. Once I am back I have a quick shower and start my admin jobs of tidying the flat, cooking dinner, doing the laundry, washing the dishes and so on. By the time my boyfriend gets back home, it’s all warm and cosy and so we can both relax with a cup of tea while catching up on how our day was.

8-10 pm

Afternoons tend to go in a blur. We have dinner while watching TV or Netflix and then I prepare for the next day – what clothes I am going to wear and what I will carry in my bag – whereas my boyfriend walks Cruz. By 10 pm, I will be in bed reading my book and hopefully, by 10.30 pm, I will fall asleep. It takes me ages to sleep and I am a light sleeper so basically, any sound can wake me up and then it will take me an hour or so to fall back into deep sleep, as I torture myself with all the things I need to do the next day so reading a book before bed has helped massively to slow my brain activity and prepare my body for sleep.

And that’s how most of my workdays look like!

What does your workday look like?


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