What to pack for Norway in Winter

The thing I love best about living in Aberdeen is that adventure seems to be around every corner. Truthfully, living in London was a bit chaotic. Pretty but chaotic and expensive. Sometimes to go to the airport would cost you more than the actual flight ticket. So even though I had all the options there, lying on my feet, it was still tricky to travel and go on as many adventures as have been since moving to Aberdeen!

Living in Scotland, adventure is unavoidable! The countryside is pretty so weekend trips are a must. Edinburgh is only a two-hours drive away if you prefer the big city vibes, AND Aberdeen has an airport with more than 50 destinations available. Tenerife is nearer than I thought and with daily flights to London, why live in London?

These days, Cruz and I have a ritual of watching through the window the planes flying on top of our house minutes before landing to the airport. I am not good at Maths, but Cruz estimated there is an airplane landing almost every 3 minutes. Sometimes it feels like we are living in NY. I mean, who would have expected so much air traffic in Aberdeen?


Last month, we escaped to Norway and whilst I documented the trip here on the blog and also on my social media most of your questions were about what to wear in Norway during a weekend trip. So with this in mind, today I am sharing all the things I got with me in this trip. I also made a vlog HERE if you fancy hearing my voice!



What to pack for Norway in Winter


What to pack for Norway in Winter What to pack for Norway in Winter


1. A pair of good, winter boots.


This is quite an obvious one. With so much snow all over the streets of Bergen, these boots literally saved me from the cold and endless possibilities of landing on the ground. I had them delivered around the beginning of December and I have been wearing them since then non-stop in all the dog walks and countryside activities. I think they have sold out but here’s a similar pair which I’d also love to have since it has fur lining that could keep my feet even warmer 😉


What to pack for Norway in Winter


2. Extra warm, knit jumpers.


Get loads of stylish jumpers they are perfect for layering and keeping you warm. I got mine last year during my road trip through Poland & Lithuania. The weather was horribly cold and a trip to Zara sounded like the best idea ever. It was on sales for £30 and it was worth all of its money.


What to pack for Norway in Winter


3. Denim and leggings


Because it is cold, wearing dresses and skirts is not much appealing. Try to wear denim jeans with leggings or thick tights underneath that works as an extra layer of warmth. I got 3 different pair of denim jeans with me in different variations and found it the most genius thing in my luggage.


What to pack for Norway in Winter


4. A pair of thick, woolen socks


I lived in these heat thermal, woolen socks! I am all about keeping my feet warm and dry when travelling, there’s nothing worse than getting your feet cold and wet under unexpected weather conditions so it’s better to be fully prepared than sorry. I got my socks last year from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill and they were for less than £10!


What to pack for Norway in Winter


5. A crossbody bag to carry just the essentials.


I used to carry big, tota bags in my travels only to end up struggling to find the hotel card, my wallet, camera and sunglasses. And whilst I would be struggling to do so my hands would be freezing in the bag content chaos. Lesson learned! Since then I always carry with me a small, crossbody bag, in this instance I got this Coach bag with me, it perfectly matched with my boots and carried all the things I needed to get with me, camera included!


What to pack for Norway in Winter


6. A thick scarf that doubles as blanket too!


I. Cannot. Stress. This. Enough! A good, thick scarf that can protect your head, neck and throat for the cold is definitely something you should pack for a winter getaway to Norway! I got mine from Zara last year and I love it!


What to pack for Norway in Winter


7. A cashmere jumper and a fleece-lined beanie


If you follow me on Instagram then you must have seen this cashmere jumper more times than you should. I got mine 2 years ago from the Dunedin Cashmeres shop in Edinburgh and have worn it multiple times since. I take good care of it by hand washing it only with fabric softener and it looks like you even though it has been much loved these past years. The beanie is another great find, it was sent to me from Barbour last year and it’s one of my winter closet staples. It feels so deliciously warm and keeps my head and ears warm. Apparently studies show that you lose 20% of your body heat from your head so a beanie is more important than you think. Who knew?


What to pack for Norway in Winter What to pack for Norway in Winter


8. Waterproof jackets


These guys have LITERALLY been my best friends for years. The khaki, waxed Barbour jacket was sent to me to try it & test it last year before my road trip to Poland & Lithuania (thinking of it most of my winter clothes were sent to me just before this trip – thank you PR friends for being so considerate and thoughtful 🙂 ). it is the Kelsall model with a faux fur hoodie which is always an extra bonus. I treat it as a more ‘formal’ jacket for countryside walks and winter trips as it is less bulky than the black Fatface one! Speaking of which, I scored this Puffer jacket 3 years ago during some sales in Stansted airport and loved it since! I was on my way to Greece and my mum couldn’t understand why I would carry such a heavy jacket all the way from the UK since I didn’t needed it. But I KNEW there will be days that I will thank myself for carrying it around and these days are too many in Scotland. Whatever jacket you get, buy your normal size or a size bigger so that you can layer with the jumpers. It will keep you nice and toasty and you will enjoy your trip to a cold destination more than you can imagine.



I hope this post was helpful to you all. Norway during winter is very cold so be well prepared if you are flying anytime soon. And to think I thought Aberdeen was the coldest place ever!


Anastasia x





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  • Marianne
    January 5, 2018

    I love your Sorel boots! I tried to order them online but they have been sold out-boooo!
    Norway looks good too xx

  • Marianne
    January 5, 2018

    oh wait! I just realised I can get them online via another website! Whoop whoop!!!!

  • Danielle
    January 12, 2018

    I love these series of travel guides and things to pack on each trip.
    I have never been to Norway but I loved reading your posts and now we consider it as a travel destination for our family holidays in June x

  • JET
    February 2, 2018

    A waterproof jacket and good pair of hiking boots is a MUST if you are visiting any of the Scandinavian countries. We flew to Sweden last year from Florida and froze upon our arrival. Thats some excellent advice, thanks for sharing!