What to wear for a work meeting


Lately I seem to be getting in and out of meeting rooms as much as Cruz is stealing biscuits out of the cupboard (a lot!). Meetings to confirm experimental designs, meetings to discuss about new blog collaborations, meeting about freelance projects and the list is never ending. I am not going to bore you with the details, who cares anyway, however I’d like to talk about what I am wearing to these meetings as it seems people are quite keen on this.


So this week was jam packed with meetings, the formal kind of meetings that you have to look older than your actual age to make people take you seriously if you know what I mean. We’ve all been there trying to deal with the elephant in the room, right?
Most of my wardrobe is filled with countryside style outfits and casual wear for dog walks. However, a few years back I was wise enough to buy a tartan Reiss jacket (for my first ever Ph.D interview!), and since then it is my first choice when it comes to formal occasions.


At the beginning I thought it was grey, but in reality it is a mixture of a dark brown and white colours. I love its fit, button details and belt around the waistline. It looks great with black dresses and also with trousers. Since it’s been raining lately I went for a more relaxed look wearing my patent boots instead of high heels, and a thick turtleneck jumper to keep me warm.
I styled the look up by adding my beloved Barbour tartan scarf, pearl earrings and Calvin Klein laptop bag.
When it comes to getting dressed for meetings, I am a firmer believer that if you go for monochrome, or a safe black plus any other nude/earthy colour choice then you have an excellent look in your hands. As much as people dislike it, getting dressed appropriately does make a difference, and so when it comes to meetings, interviews and conferences I always try to make an effort and look more formal.


Today we are going to take it slowly. With life being so busy it is not often that we have the opportunity to stay at home, watch a movie and relax with a cup of tea and a homemade pie. We also have plans to go to the gym. Every Sunday night, we make promises to do a bit of weightlifting (for Steven) and classes (for me) on the week ahead, but as the week kicks in and we are left with zero energy by the end of the day we fail to make the gym habit come true. But today it’s the day! I laid down my gym clothes since last night so that I’d wear them first thing this morning and get in the mood.
It’s all about the clothes and how they make us feel to take decisions and get motivated, isn’t it?

So next time you struggle what to wear in your next meeting or interview, I hope my suggestions help you a bit.

What do you tend to wear during formal meetings?
Anastasia x

I am wearing: scarf-c/o Barbour, blazer-Reiss, bag-Calvin Klein, watch-c/o Daniel Wellington, boots-c/o Next, jumper-Zara, trousers-Forever21


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