10 Days Vegan:: Here’s what happened!

As in today I have been a vegan for 10 whole days!!! What started as a week’s long experiment has now turned into a lifestyle which I am looking forward to see where it is going to take me 🙂

what vegans eat

Never have I felt so healthy and clean as I feel these days! My skin is not glowing but I feel the constant energy that vegans claim to experience and I gained a whole new level of respect for food and most importantly the vegan community.


This post is not here to make you feel guilty for eating animals and animal products, or ‘educate’ you about veganism, it is rather a documentation of my experience and hey guys, if I can do it then I see no reason why you cannot do it too! Even if it is for 3 days…

So, let’s take it from the start, shall we?


what vegans eat

It all started during my PhD thesis writing, I was eating constantly crappy staff and barely threw anything nutritious in my body-no wonder I had so much hair loss.



After the thesis submission I promised myself to do something good for me and what’s better than nourish my body with the best of nature!



As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been a vegetarian and pescetarian for many years so (foolishly) I thought that converting to a vegan would be a piece of (vegan) cake. How wrong I was!



Converting to veganism is a struggle at first. Your brain is thinking that you are missing out in flavour and with so many temptations around getting back to your normal diet is VERY tempting. However, I kept telling myself that this would be for only for 7 days and after this I would have all the milk chocolate of the world…


I searched on the internet for a week’s worth vegan recipes and then placed a big order which included all the vegan substitutes, and loads of fruit and vegetables.

what vegans eat

Amazing Greek product No. 1

what vegans eat

Amazing Greek product No. 2



I thought that the flavour I’d miss the most would be cheese so I had great expectations from this vegan cheese-which to my surprise is produced in Greece-hello motherland product-and it didn’t disappoint me at all!





I started the week with simple breakfasts like peanut butter (or tahini) and honey on toast, porridge with fruit, green smoothies (loads of spinach in them), and beans on toast. It went well, I cannot lie, it went incredibly well. I didn’t miss eggs or toasties and the cheese substitute was so good I am going to permanently use it in my toasties from now and onward.


what vegans eat what vegans eat




For lunches I had simple stuff like salads, packed with different vegetables and topped with herbs, again cheese toasties (seriously LOVED them), beans and some vegan M&S’s burgers that were too goo to wait to take a picture of them!

what vegans eat what vegans eat what vegans eat





Snacking was the hardest part because I was craving my banana chocolate covered chips and chocolate biscuits, however after day 3 it seemed a bit easier and my cravings were softer. I was mainly eating fruit, almonds, peanuts and vegan chocolate drops. All very yummy and they kept me going more than a piece of milk chocolate!

what vegans eat what vegans eat what vegans eat





For dinner I would have pasta, salads and then one day I baked THIS delicious bread which went down well with tahini and humus topped with olives and cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to be a bit more imaginative and cook something from scratch however I have learned a lot about myself, what I like and what I could live without in favour of the environment and the animals of this planet.





-Don’t overdo it with starches- the first and second day my stomach was in so much pain (because I overdid it with bread and pasta) I couldn’t even sleep. Take it easy and eat more salads than carbs.


-Plan, plan, plan. Place a big grocery order before you do anything and plan your meals ahead.


-Always carry a banana and a few almonds in your bag. Sadly there are not many vegan options for sandwiches on the go so you have to be prepared for these cravings.


-After sometime your brain automatically recognizes what is ‘food’ and rejects what is not. I am not referring just to junk food, but general non vegan food options-e.g. yogurt/eggs- will be automatically rejected by your brain and you won’t identify it as an option. Weirdly wonderful!


-The cravings go down and you won’t feel tired anymore as your body gets all the essential macro- and micronutrients through all this vegetable, lentils, grains and fruit consumption.



-Sugar is not something you’ll be after anymore. I used to be such a sugar junkie and now I don’t even care if I have a bag of chocolate lying next to me. Truly amazing how quickly our taste buds change and adapt.



That’s all for now. I am about to have my vegan curry with potatoes and cauliflower for lunch before answering all my emails.



I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you are a vegan or if you have ever considered becoming one.



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