When Cruz met Hayley…

When Cruz met Hayley…

When it comes to visiting Edinburgh – which luckily happens very frequently thanks to the fact that Steven’s parents very kindly let us stay in their Edinburgh flat – Steven and I try to do our own things. Of course, we have plans and activities scheduled to do together, but there are occasions where we go on separate ways, meet our friends and do fun things. This is what happens more or less when these activities are related to the blogging world, aka meeting new bloggers which for Steven, as you can imagine, might be a bit boring listening to all these girly conversations about travelling, fashion, life in Edinburgh and blogging.


And this is what happened when I met Hayley from the Water Painted Dreams the other day. Steven went out with his friends and Cruz accompanied me, which naturally was the point of focus!
So here is what happened when Cruz met Hayley…
Hayley, Cruz and I met at Southpour just around the corner of the flat, it is dog friendly and has table seats with nice window view, which made us all happy. Little wee cutie pie Cruz stole Hayley’s heart as he wanted to be on her lap all the time and if we weren’t paying attention to him, he would then remind us of his presence by making some alien complaint sounds.
We ordered some tea, which we drunk pot after pot and had a long chat about all things, with Cruz frequently interrupting us, with his own, unique way, either demanding our attention or needing a biscuit.


wearing: waxed jacket-c/o Barbour, trousers-Forever21, scarf-Joules, Snowfall cable crew knit sweater-c/o Barbour, boots-Debenhams, leather tote bag-c/o Hotter

After a couple of hours, Cruz became more and more impatient, so we left and went for a stroll. I think there is a threshold limit for how long dogs can stay in a place looking at people talking and drinking tea, and we certainly surpassed it by far, as Cruz went crazy when we started walking outside, eager to sniff every single corner and greet every person that happened to walk past him. It must be in the Jack Russells!
Warmed and content, the three of us made our way towards the University campusand down to George square, where we only stopped for a mini photoshooting. Hayley turned into my photographer and soon after this she turned into my model. Cruz was our assistant.
It was his first take on this area of Edinburgh and I didn’t expect him to be too quiet as there were many students walking around the streets, however he behaved himself and was a true gentleman with Hayley! She decided though, despite that Hayley was good to him and they posed together for a few shots, that he wanted his own images too, so he posed for us separately and also demanded his pictures to be featured on the blog, so…
So, here is what exactly happened when Hayley met Cruz and how we spent our morning in Edinburgh. Cruz had so much fun that he decided to meet Hayley again, subject of texting arrangements between me and Hayley he said!
Tomorrow we are off to the countryside to Steven’s parents house in Aberdeenshire, where we will be spending Christmas, so I am expecting loads of frosty early morning dog walks in the fields, delicious dinners and long nights watching movies and drinking wine by the fireplace.
How are you spending your Christmas this year? If we don’t chat through social media I wish you Merry Christmas and the best of time!

Anastasia x

*pictures taken by Hayley and me


Anastasia is a Greek in Scotland via England! She’s passionate about life in Aberdeen, exploring new places and petting dogs. When not working she runs Natbee’s and enjoys countryside walks with her puppy Cruz.

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  1. November 27, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    O.M.G. the second picture where he is lifting his paw, too cute to handle!

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