Wishlist // Dress for X-mas day

Wishlist // Dress for X-mas day

Lipsy shorts // ballerina shoes // pillow // sweater // x-mas fabric bunting // gift bag // beret and mittens set

top // black leather bag // belt // x-mas ornaments // brocade jacket // script boxes boots // diary // dinner set // high waist jeans

Christmas day in our home is the best day of the year. When me and my sister were children we used to  wake up our parents early in the morning to open our gifts. Nowadays we wear our new clothes, gather around the Christmas tree and drink hot chocolate while we are watching movies.
This year I will buy gifts for my family from NEXT. I normally pick up my favourite item and then build the whole outfit around it. The first thing I have in my mind when buying gifts is what they would like to get, based on their character and their activities.
For my beloved sister, I will buy girly printed shorts and jumper to wear with her ballerina shoes. She loves dancing so these ballerina shoes is an excellent choice for her! The beret and mittens will keep her warm and the pillow will always remind her to live life to the fullest, laugh all the time and spread love around. I will wrap all her gifts in a lovely gift bag.
Dad is a huge fan of the classic x-mas jumpers so this year I will buy him two jumpers like the stripe neck sweater and this brown sweater. Corduroy pants will look perfect on him and the boots will accompany him while having one of his long walks in the city. However, the gift that he will love and enjoy most will be the espresso maker machine; I bet he will very much enjoy the espresso he will drink on the Christmas day!!!
Mum loves brocade so what else could I possibly buy for her to wear on Christmas day than a beautiful brocade jacket! She will wear it with a black top, high waist jeans and black suede boots. And as she will be the one to decorate the house, I will buy her plenty of Christmas decoration ornaments and a diary to help her manage her time while skipping work.

So thats what I will buy for my family this year. Hope you liked my list and let me know about your favourites.


**This is a funny competition posted by  the lovely Northern Mum here. The theme is dress the whole family for the Christmas day from NEXT. If you wanna participate then head over the blog and join us!**


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