Wishlist // Fashion Week Outfit

This year I was very close to visit the London Fashion Week. I had arranged to stay at a friend’s place in London, had checked on flights from Edinburgh and had even thought of what to wear. If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans, they say and that’s exactly what happened. I had to work this week in the office so couldn’t take some time off to fly to London and besides what was I supposed to say as an excuse, they read my blog (hello!) and they would know the truth soon enough after my post. So I postponed it for next year and got back to work. However, the fashion week outfit microbia was still in me, so here’s what I was planning to wear for my first day in the London Fashion Week. Not an over the top outfit but still something simple and in style. Besides who wants to wear uncomfortable clothes when you are supposed to run errands and report about all the trends. What do you think?
P.S: Thanks for all your birthday wishes, you made my heart sing for many many years 🙂


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