Wishlist // For my Birthday

Happy Tuesdays, series of wishlists are back  and as in a few days it’s my birthday, I have the annual tradition of posting a Birthday Wishlist. My style evolves each year and obviously it has been affected a lot by my job. For this year what I really really want is a Daniel Wellington watch. It is so classy and simple that makes it the perfect accessory for every occasion. My old watch has been broken and buying a new one is a necessity, since I am always on the run. A few other things I would like to add in my wardrobe in 2014 is the Michael Kors tote bag in black, a trench coat and a pair of classic black leather loafers, that can be worn from day to night.
Currenty I am trying to do some savings for a trip, but might as well buy myself one of my wishlist items.
Happy Tuesday people!


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