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gym outfit wishlist
So, as I promised the last time I will update you frequently on my fitness progress and surprisingly it is going really well so far! When I am not travelling I go to the gym almost every afternoon (OK night) and even though I am not regular with Kayla’s workouts (I find it hard to be fully committed, so I do one here and one there), I can still see the results in my body, which motivates me even more to go a bit further and further every time.

When I go to the energy zone I focus on running for at least 30′ and then lift some light weights with many replicates (normally 4 sets x 15 repetitions). I would love to have more muscle definition but not too much, so I am careful with the weight lifting. I focus on particular muscle groups like abs, back, and legs; I think it is really important to have a strong core when doing an office job as in my case. Sitting in front of the screen doesn’t do me any favours!

I have come to realise three things:
a) it’s all in my mind, if I control this then my body happily follows
b) sports gear really helps with motivation
For example when my favourite pair of black leggings is clean I am so happy to get them on and go to the gym, opposed to when I have to wear my yoga pants.
c) music really helps-especially when I have to run more than 5K

So tonight I am on the search of the perfect sports gear and hopefully this will keep going my daily visits to the gym. Starting with this wishlist I would like to invest on a new pair of running shoes and a yoga mat. What do you think?




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