Wishlist // Le Parisien


A little something for your Sunday…..how to get dressed like a real Parisien!
I am lucky enough to have a couple of French girlfriends and having a thorough look in their style (and wardrobe), I concluded that the secret to get dressed like a Parisien girl lies in simplicity.
These girls have a love affair with nude and pastel colours, they wear flat ballerina shoes, stripes and a nice watch always decorates their arm.
A real Parisien girl carries around a leather bag-rucksack in my friends case- and smells divine, thanks to Miss Dior body lotion.
Her make up is natural, a pink lip gloss and pink lacquer would do. Her hair is on a messy up-do or a low chignon and her face shines from her daisy earrings.
In a word, Parisien girls are the most adorable girls in the entire world!

Do you like the Parisien style?



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