Wishlist // M is for Mother’s Day

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My mom has given me a great fashion influence since a kid. She is a lady that always follows the latest fashion trends but wisely enough so as not to be a fashion victim. Her wardrobe is twice the size as mine and when we go shopping people get confused as they think that she is my older sister. The most interesting thing about my mom’s personal style is her unspeakable talent to combine different colours in the same outfit and make them look fabulous! (now you know where I got my colourful outfits addiction). Moreover, and I am quite sure I mentioned that in the past, she owns an enormous shoe collection as her father was a shoe designer and manufacturer, so I believe it’s in her genes to love them endlessly! How I wish I was wearing size 5, but I am a bigfoot girl, what can I do (yes I just called myself like that). 
Happy Mother’s Day people!
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