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The time has finally come to pack my stuff for holidays and I can’t hold my excitement!
For the past two months or so, bloggers around the planet were uploading a gazillion pictures of summer getaways-drinks by the pool, shorts and bikini combinations, frozen yogurt food art and many more snaps-making me feel so miserable about my life while I was still stuck in the office.
After so much work and deadlines to catch up I am so looking forward to this summer getaway in the Greek islands and cannot wait to see my family again 🙂

The other day and while I was on Skype with my mother she asked me what I would like her to pack for me, given that most of my summer clothes are still in my parents house-we don’t get too many sunny days in Aberdeen so it made no sense to have my summer clothes here with me.

There’s no shame to admit that it took me a good amount of thinking to eventually decide what to pack along with me…While doing island hopping some of the most obvious things to consider is comfortableness, high temperatures and limited luggage space. I am planning to travel with a backpack so do not want to carry half dozen of clothes around with me, plus because I will be travelling a lot I want to feel comfortable. Having said that, I do not want to lose my sense of style and fashion so had to think of a piece of clothing that combines all the above and what else would that be than shorts!

Shorts are so versatile and easy to wear with almost anything, especially during the hot summer days (and nights). So after much thought I decided to go for many shorts of different prints and colours, without forgetting of course the classic white pair-that I can match with many accessories, simple t-shirts and a pair of gladiator sandals.

If you happen to be in the same dilemma and want to save yourself sometime here’s my summer getaways packing tips list:

♥ Be a light traveller, you don’t want to run around to catch the ferry while carrying a heavy bag with you. 

♥ Pack many pastel and nude colour shirts & t-shirts // life saving options.

♥ Shorts and mini skirts are always a good idea! Play with the prints and the colours and make safe choices pairing them with neutral colour tops.

♥ Flip flops and two pairs of sandals are more than enough to take with you. 

♥ Kimonos are good to keep you warm when the night cool sea breeze hits you.

♥Last but not the least do not forget your panama hat, aviator sunglasses and happiest smile!

Happy Summer Getaways!


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