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dress // red bracelet // silk scarf  // navy wellies // leather purse // tote bag // make up bag // ipad case

One of the most frequent questions I’ve received lately (and by most frequent I mean 4 persons in total, yeap, I know, that’s a huge number of requests) is about my travel essentials. This summer I have travelled a lot from London to Scotland, from Scotland to Rome, then from Rome to Greece and back in England. By no mean I do not try to sound like a famous fashion blogger that travels almost every other day to another country, but for a student, well that’s a lot of travelling within two months!
I like to call myself a light traveller since I carry with me the absolutely necessary stuff during my flights or during my travelling for the festival season. Usually I go for a very comfortable yet chic dress and a huge elegant tote bag that can hold plenty of things, like my make up holder bag and ipad case. My purse is made out of handwearing leather and has the perfect size to carry my passport around, along with my cards. Also I like to keep my euros and pounds apart, so the floral lining of this purse  helps me separate the bank notes and not get confused when changing country. While travelling, my motto is that you can still be dressed in a comfortable and fashionable way, by adding the right accessories, like a simple red bracelet and a silk scarf , that can be wrapped around your hair or used as a neck warmer. Last but not least, I like to wear my wellies while travelling, because you can never predict the weather and I want to keep my feet dry and warm (yes even during summer).

So what are your travel essentials? Do you prefer wearing a dress or do you go for the casual jeans-tee combination?

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